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It's not about loss... strenght is a choice. Fightning like hell to protect what's important. You threw away everything you ever had... no wonder you have no true power!

Dante to his brother

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If there is a beginning, there is an end. This is the rule. It may even be sad, but being sad just because it's the end does not make my type. For being the end, it's better to mess up even more. So, regardless of how the ending is, we can end up smiling.

The demon hunter, Dante


The original and now recurring protagonist of the Devil May Cry franchise, Dante is the younger son of the human Eva and the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda, who saved the Human World two thousand year ago. For the sake of revenge against his then departed father, the Emperor of the Underworld sent his minions to attack the house where he and his older brother Vergil lived, in Red Grave City, during their childhood, resulting in the death of their mother and the separation of both kids. The trauma resulted by the death of his mother and her last words to him scarred Dante profoundly, making him lose his memories and begin a new life as a mercenary when he grew older

Relearning about his inheritance after confronting his brother for the first time in years, Dante has since become the protector of the Human World, accepting and using both his Human and Demon sides to be a barrier that stops any Demon trying to conquer humanity. Running his shop named Devil May Cry for a long time, he worked as a Mercenary, Bodyguard and Paranormal Investigator, gaining experience and even confronting apocalyptic situations against the most powerful demons of the Underworld, going as far as sealing the ruler of the Demons

All of that with a flippant and carefree attitude, Dante likes to show off and fight strong opponents, showing fearlessness towards the most powerful and bizarre opponents or extreme situations. Nevertheless, mainly when it comes to his family matters, Dante can show a respectful and serious manner when it is needed of him

Becoming a figure comparable to his father, Dante carved his own legends and, to some people, even surpassed Sparda himself

Personal CharacteristcsEditar

Name: Dante; Tony Redgrave

Origin: Devil May Cry

Gender: Male

Age: Late teens, 17-18-19 (Manga and DMC 3) | Late twenties, 28-29 (DMC 1 and anime) | Over 30 (DMC 2 and 4) | In his 40's (DMC 5)

Classification: Half Human, Half Demon, Investigator, Mercenary, Demon Hunter, Son of Sparda

Height: 1,88 meters (Based on his model's height)

Allies: Enzo Ferino (formerly), J.D. Morrison, Lady, Trish, Lucia, Nero, Vergil

Enemies: Arkham, Mundus, the Order of the Sword, Urizen (formerly), Vergil (formerly)


Intelligence: Genius (Despite his overconfidence, Dante is a demon hunter, swordsman, sniper and excellent fighter, being able to compete with demons and beings with hundreds to thousands of years of combat experience and outdo them in skill. He learns instantly how to perfectly use any weapon he gains, and also adapts quickly to vastly different situations and enemies, possessing great hidden knowledge)

Morality: Chaotic Good

Sexual Preference: Ambiguous

Objectives: Avenge his mother and brother Protect the Human World from the Demons

Tastes: Pizza, Rock'n Roll, Strawberry Sundae, a good fight

Powers and StatsEditar

Hierarchy:  Unknown | High 6-A, at least 3-A with Sparda Trigger | At least 3-A, likely far higher

Poderes e Habilidades: Características Físicas Sobre-Humanas,Domínio de Armas, Ator, Músico, Atleta, Regeneração (Nível Celular E, Tipo 1), Manipulação de Energia (Nível 1 e 3), Manipulação Elemental (Nível 1 e 2; Eletricidade, Fogo, Gelo, Vento), Manipulação Espacial, Manipulação Temporal (Tipo B), Teletransporte, Manipulação de Luz, Manipulação de Trevas, Levitação, Telecinese, Duplicação, Pode sobreviver no vácuo do Espaço,Manipulação de Almas, Transformação, Voo, Cura, Manipulação de Morcegos, Defesa a Ataques Espirituais e ao Zero Absoluto, Ligeira Pré-Cognição e etc.

Dimensionality: 3D

Attack Potency: Unknown (Easly defeats most of the Guardians of Temen-Ni-Gru. Alongside his brother, defeated Arkham and sealed away his powers) | Multi-Continent (Defeated Nelo Angelo at his peak; destroyed Sid's Abigail Form in a single attack), at least Universe with Sparda Devil Trigger (Probably reached the same level of power as his father. Defeated Mundus) | At least Multi-Continent, probably Universe (Defeated Argosax in his Chaos and Despair Embodied form, was stated to be able to defeat demons with the level of power of Mundus at this point, although the nature of this statement can be questioned; was more than capable of defeating the Savior on his own) | At least Universe, likely far higher (After fusing the Rebellion and Sparda swords in his own body, Dante achieved a power possibly greater than Sparda's. Easily defeated base Urizen and ended up defeating him after he ate the Qliphoth's fruit)

Durability: Mult-City Block (Able to fight with the Temen-Ni Gru Guardians and receive the most powerful attacks from these) | Unkown (Capable of receiving attacks with large demonstrations of Arkham's power) | At Least Mult-Continent (It's capable of receiving direct attacks of Baul and Modeus; Confronted Berial at his peak, receiving several attacks of the same, and mocking the Devil throughout the fight; He easily endured several attacks of Abigail, besides being impaled by his own sword by the same one) | Universal with Sparda Trigger (Able to withstand several direct attacks of Mundus) | At Least Universal, probably Higher (Able to withstand direct blows of Argosax )

Speed: Hypersonic (Dante and Vergil fought at these speeds in their first encounter), at least Lightspeed reactions and combat after awakening the Devil Trigger (Can keep up with Vergil), even faster with Quicksilver | At least Hypersonic with Lightspeed reactions and combat (Can keep up with Nelo Angelo. His Devil Arm Nightmare-Beta shoots lasers), Unknown with Sparda Devil Trigger

Força de Elevação: Classe5 | Maior | Classe G | Maior | Maior

Vigor: Muito alta (É capaz de passar fases inteiras, enfrentando Demônios Menores e Maiores sem o mínimo descanso. Enfrentou todos os Guardiões da Temen-Ni-Gru, Arkham e seu irmão no mesmo dia, sem descanso. Foi empalado diversas vezes e continuou a enfrentar seus inimigos sem a mínima queda em seu desempenho. Enfrentou a arma biológica demoníaca Nightmare e logo em seguida enfrentou o Imperador do Submundo, Mundus. Enfrentou o Feiticeiro Arius, indo para o Submundo enfrentar Argosax logo em seguida e, no instante seguinte a derrota do demônio, enfrentou Despair Embodied)

Alcance: Sobre-Humano com suas armas corpo a corpo, chegando à centenas de quilômetros com disparos e projeções de energia

Fraquezas: Nenhuma

Keys: Devil May Cry 3 | Devil May Cry 1 and Anime | Devil May Cry 2, 4 and early 5 | Devil May Cry 5 post Sparda absorption


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