Mr. Mxyzptlk, the most common example of a being of a higher dimension than our universe

Dimensionality is one of our hierarchical classification patterns, based on the concept of dimension in physics and geometry.

In geometry, each dimension is an imaginary directional axis in space. In the case of multiple dimensions, each axis is always perpendicular to the other.

This concept is present in the geometry since Euclid, in its geometry, where the Euclidean space is established that encompasses any dimensionally finite space. Euclid worked with the second and third dimensions, which is the limit that our perception can comprehend. Centuries later, the mathematician David Hilbert created the concept of Hilbert's Space, which is a generalization of Euclidean space that is not restricted to a finite number of dimensions.

In the theory of relativity, time is considered the fourth dimension of our universe.


Euclidianos: Characters with 1 dimensions up to any finite number of dimensions. The choice of this name comes from the Euclidean Space which is a vector system with a finite number of dimensional axes.

Hilbertians: Characters with an infinite number of dimensions. The choice of this name comes from the Hilbert Space that determines a dimensional space without a finite boundary of dimensional vectors.

To fit this level the character must:

  • Be described as having an infinite number of dimensions.

Hyperdimensional: Characters that are beyond the dimensional concept. The choice of this name comes from the junction of the prefix "Hyper-" with dimensionality, meaning literally "Beyond the Dimensions". We Know that it is very common to find in Online dictionaries the use of this word simply for beings with a number greater than 3 dimensional vectors, but as this name seems more equivalent to be used as something beyond the concept of dimensions besides being used in certain works with this concept, such as Kajiri Kamui Kagura, Digimon and Tenchi Muyo!, so we thought it best to use that term anyway. However, it is good to understand that a work saying "This character is Hyperdimensional" does not mean that it will be the hyperdimensional of this Fandom, since that word has many different meanings depending on the source, so you will have to prove that this Hyperdimensional means really transcending the concept of dimensions. Note that the Japanese term for Hyperdimensional, 超次元, has the same translation for Ultradimensional and Superdimensional.

To fit this level the character must:

  • Transcending the concept of space/dimensions
  • Transcend the concept of any time and any space.